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helpspot update tables

I’ve spent most of the past few weeks working on the data table layout for HelpSpot. I think we’re doing some very interesting stuff with this. Trying to give as much flexibility in the design as possible. We’ve encapsulated the code for use all over the system. This code will basically build every data table so lists of categories, lists of requests, lists of users, etc.

Some of the nifty things we’ve done is make each column optionally sortable, row highlighting on mouseover, clickable rows, rows associated to checkboxes via javascript, and a few more tricks. It’s been alot of time up front getting this working well but it should payoff as we get further into the other pages and don’t have to stop and type a million table tags, etc. We just pass in an array of options along with a query result and out pops a nice table.

Next up is the administrative pages for adding request categories, users, and settings.